Nick started playing keyboards at an early age at around 7 years old, His father an amateur musician always had instruments in the house which included organs, guitar and a drum kit and Nick took to the organ listening to his dads record collection and playing by ear to tracks which included Jimmy Smith, E.L.P, Focus and an array of great bands of the 70's.

By around the age of 11, Nick was performing on the organ at his parents pubs and by 15 joined his first Blues band performing with some of Stockport's local blues players and gigging regularly on the local blues circuit.

At 16 Nick gained work experience in Stockport recording studio called 'The Shed' and decided to study at Arden Sixth form college in Northenden on a course which included sound engineering/studio as well as theory of music, whilst doing this he met many friends who introduced him to various bands and ended up joining a 'Cabaret' band playing all the North West club circuit and holiday parks, this gave him more confidence in performing and earned him some money to buy a decent keyboard!

More studio experience was gained from such studios as Stockport's legendary Strawberry Recording studios and assisting the recording of the BBC Orchestra, He was also invited down to BBC wood lane in London to be involved in the recording of 'Lovejoy' TV series, again with a full orchestra and the largest mixing console on earth!!

After leaving college with not a lot of qualification (still can't read music to this day) he pursued his work in different bands from Soul to Rock and in the meantime took a job as a print finisher to help build up his musical instrument collection.

Nick stuck with different jobs within the print trade as gigs were low for some years to supplement his earnings then decided to quit work and become a full-time musician performing in piano bars up and down the country as well as forming various different bands with good friends he found along the way.

Gigs were starting to happen at a fast rate and Nick was counting up over 300 gigs a year working 6 to 7 nights a week sometimes 2-3 gigs a day.

Fast forward to 2013 and Nick was performing with his blues band 'Nick Steed Band' with his local mates including Paul Burgess on drums (10cc), Nick Waddacar on Guitar and John Sandham on bass.
Paul had mentioned to local bluesman Norman Beaker of Nick and asked him to come down to a gig and 'check him out' ...He did and was impressed with Nick's hammond organ work and offered him a job with his band, the first gigs being a 2 month tour in Germany backing American blues legend Larry Garner and then further tours backing Chris Farlowe and many other named artists.

Currently with Prog jazz rock greats 'Colosseum' performing classic hits from :
Walking in the park, For those to die we salute you, Valentyne suite, Lost Angeles as well as being involved with co-writing their recent album 'Restoration'

Nick also has success in his own bands such as Optimystik Visionaries as jazz fusion band formed with Greg Morgan (Ten, Dare) that has given them two highly produced albums, Also his own blues band 'Nick Steed Five' which has toured extensively across Europe, produced 4 albums with two number one blues albums.

Nick is in demand as an organ/piano player and musical producer not only for his ability as a player covering styles from boogie boogie, blues, rock, funk to jazz fusion and has worked with many musicians in all forms of styles, but also having a laid back and gentle respectful attitude to his fellow peers.

Nick is a keen motorcyclist/ex racer and ex advanced motorcycle instructor and tours Europe on a regular basis on his bike of which he has had many different types from MV Agusta, Ducati, Aprilia, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, CCM, Husaberg etc...currently settled on a BMW S1000R

When he's not zooming around Europe on bikes or performing he can either be found locked away in his studio recording, Travelling, socialising with good friends also buying synths and fixing them up.

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Nick's keyboard rig depends on the band he is working with but here is a lowdown.

Nord 5D 73 stage keyboard
Nord Wave synth

Hammond A100 organ (1964)
MAG Custom made organ P2
Crumar Mojo suitcase organ
Leslie 147 speaker (1973)
Hohner Ort Leslie speaker
Lounsberry Tall & Fat Pedal

Moog Little Phatty Stage 2 Custom
Moog MiniMoog Voyager
Arp Odyssey synth

Viscount Legend 70's 73 Stage piano
Kurzweil PC3x Stage piano
Korg Kronos 2 73 Workstation Synthezizer

Old skool:
Yamaha DX-7
Roland D-50
Korg M1
Yamaha SY77
Yamaha KX-5