Colosseum keyboard rig's UK & Europe

I’ll be using two keyboard rigs for both UK & European gigs as i’ll be leaving one rig over in Germany for fly out gigs/festivals across Europe, Heres hat ill be using:


Crumar Mojo Suitcase organ
Viscount Legend 70’s Compact stage piano
Moog Phatty Stage II Synthesiser

1973 Leslie 147 rotary speaker (1967 Tungsol RCA tubes)
Trek II UC-1a Leslie pre amp

Mooer Ninety Orange (Phaser), Mooer E-Lady (Flange), Mooer TresCab (Amp sim), Mooer Reecho (Delay) Effects pedals for Moog synth.
All Cables supplied by Sommercable


Crumar Mojo Dual manual organ
Nord Electro 5D 73 Stage piano
Nord Wave Synthesiser

1979 Hohner Ort100 Leslie rotating speaker

For the Kassel gig in Germany (September) I will be supplied with a 1956 Hammond B3 organ and 122 leslie, I’m really looking forward to this one!