Review of New album in 'BluesMatters' Magazine


Nick Steed’s newest release follows his illustrious tenure as the Master of Keys at the Colosseum band for three years. These eight tracks are nothing short of a musical revelation. Steeped in the rich traditions of jazz, rock with a defined blues infused tone, Steed's album echoes the brilliance of legends like Toto and Steely Dan. What sets this record apart is his ingenious songwriting ability, evident in tracks like Yesterday’s Blues, which effortlessly transports listeners to a nostalgic Blue Note corner of a night club full of ambience and atmosphere. His vocals are crystal clear, complemented by his self-created backing vocals that astoundingly mimic a choir of three, a masterful innovative moment. The addition of percussionist Lenny Castro, famed for his work with Toto and Clapton, further solidifies the album's authenticity. The ensemble's synergy is palpable; Mike Smith and Jamie Brownfield's warm horn section, along with the rhythmic mastery of drummers Greg Morgan and Steve Gibson, create a harmonious backdrop. Steed's choice of collaborators for solo performances is a work of genius, with Clem Clempson and Kim Nishikawara delivering exceptional guitar and saxophone solos, respectively. Tracks like Luckless Pedestrian showcase intricate shuffles, demonstrating Steed's musical finesse. Moreover, the album achieves heights of catchiness, exemplified by Things You Said I Would and the poignant Suzie, a tale of someone destined for greatness. This is a masterclass in musicality, a testament to his artistry, and a promise of even greater things to come.